Welcome summer!

Welcome summer!

Dear friends,

Welcome to our very first blog!

I had the idea of sharing all the beautiful things we do here at Okreblue for quite a while…but honestly my friends, during the process of creating and growing and doing, there was literally no time and space to put everything together and share it with you.

During the past 10 years of Okreblue’s transformation and growth, Angelo and myself, have made long researches both from home, through the internet, and through our travellings around the world, to find the best materials, ingredients, sustainable ways and means, so that we can provide our guests the best of everything…!

Our practice is to live as simply and natural as possible, and do whatever is possible to protect our environment and respect nature’s ways and cycles.

Our mission is to share this practice, introduce and inspire others with simple ways of sustainable living.

Composting, recycling, eco-building constructions, biodegradable detergents and soaps, filtering water to reuse and water the gardens, are just a few of our actions that help us live in harmony with our surrounding nature. Which by the way is of exceptional beauty!!!

I hope my sharing will give you, at least, a rough idea about who we are and what we do!

Please feel free to comment and share and if you happen to pass by Paros, don’t hesitate to pop in.

Warmest regards from beautiful Paros,


04 June 2017