16-22 May 2021, Yoga retreat with Linda and Zandra

About This Project
This is a retreat curated in deep communion with the Goddess. The place, the space, and the days we have together is an open container through which we enter into the mystery. The mystery that is the playful dance of Shiva – space, and Shakti – creative power. You are the colors with which Shakti paints her picture, the technologies we use for practice are the the brushes and techniques with which she paints.

As you enter into the mystery you create space for the experience of Adbhuta. The place where the ordinary becomes absolutely extraordinary.

Adbhuta अद्भुत – wonderment, awe, to marvel

Every afternoon you are invited into our practice space for exploratory lectures. Here we will open the gate for what wants to unfold. This we will do through contemplative questions, journaling, conversations, lectures, embodiment practices among other things. We will then let this marinate during the night and in the morning it is time for integration.

Every morning begins with a seated meditation, partly guided partly “just” silent. We will stay in silence for the whole morning so that a deep inner listening can take place. After a short tea/coffee break it is time for some delicious movement exploration. In the movement practice I combine guided asana with embodiment practices, sounds, free movement, and partner practices.

Who is this for?

This is for you who long to be deeply steeped in practice.
This is for you who long to be moved, to be breathed, by the mystery that is life.
It does not matter if you’re a teacher with hundreds of hours of teaching/practice experience or if you are new to yoga – what matters is your willingness to stay open to what wants to unfold.
The gathering will be shaped around the unique frequency that we who enter the space create together.

The retreat center Okreblue is a place where sustainability, a deep love for nature, yoga and a balanced way of living is invited. Here the water is heated with solar panels and the food made with love, a big part of the produce comes from their own organic farm. The center is wrapped in tranquility, and has a special energy that embraces your whole being.

“Respect to the environment, the body & soul is our way of life”

The center is right next to Filizi beach, an area of natural beauty with sand-dunes, an old ceder forest, and secret coves with sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

The closest town, or rather picturesque fishing village, is a 15 minute car drive away. You can get there with taxi or why not rent a bicycle to explore the island. Naousa is regarded one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades. A village that has kept its authenticity, its traditional character and charm with white, flower dressed, houses, churches and chapels, surrounded by maze-like alleys. Here you can just walk around and enjoy the beauty.

What is included

* 6 days and nights at Okreblue Seaside Yoga Retreat Center in either a single or a shared room
* Big and delicious brunch every morning after practice
* Dinner buffé every evening
* Filtered water onsite (no need for plastic bottles!)
* Twice daily practice which can include free movement, asana, pranayama, mantra, partner practices, journaling, exploratory lectures.


Early bird to be paid in full by Jan 31 2020
Single room – 1180 euro
Shared room – 980 euro per person

Standard price
Single room – 1370 euro
Shared room – 1170 euro per person

The total includes a non-refundable deposit of 300 euro which secures your spot

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About my teaching

When I step into a space to curate an awakening experience I simply open up to what is present, reach out from my empty heart and receive guidance from the Goddess.

My one aim is to surrender and be a vessel for what wants to unfold and let life/divinity, in all its wonder, speak through me.

The techniques and technologies I mostly, but not exclusively, use are derived from my years of study within the school of Embodied Flow™, non-dual Tantra, and awakening to Oneness or your True Nature.