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Reiki is a pleasant holistic healing method for the body, mind and soul which was originated in Japan in 1922. Dr Mikaomi Usui a Japanese Tibetan monk was inspired this healing method during a 21 day meditation on Mount Kurama.

It is a hand healing technique that connects us with the universal energy we all consist of. Using this energy, during the session, we achieve a deep relaxation state where we find peace, relief, healing and empty space. Space that gives us the ability to see the bigger picture and the solution of the problems we face.

  •  Revitalizes the body and soul
  •  Strengthens the immune system
  •  Cleanses the body from toxins,
  •  Unblocks and balances the energies of the body and mind
  •  Broadens our perception and consciousness.

REIKI is recommended for tiredness, anxiety, pain, injury, sleeping problems and all kinds of health problems (as a supportive therapy)



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