5-13 October 2019 – Ashtanga Yoga with Barbara Macias

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ASHTANGA WEEK With Barbara Macias


Saturday afternoon 5 Oct – Sunday morning 13 Oct 2019
Check in: 3 pm Saturday 5 Oct.
Check out: 12.00 noon Sunday 13 Oct.



We start practicing Sunday to Thursday morning Mysore-style.

Friday morning traditional led class.
Saturday rest day enjoy the beach and optional meditation in the afternoon.
Sunday Mysore practice and check out.
Every afternoon we will offer the choice of a circle sitting together for meditation or pranayama.
Barbara will be chanting the yoga sutras every morning before practice. You can join if you want.

All levels of students are welcome, including total beginners. The Mysore week is meant to help people new in to the Ashtanga system, and also to help the more experienced students to develop their practices.

Prices per person:

Single room €1010

Double room €800

Triple room €760

Price includes 8 nights of accommodation, 7 days of practice and meditation, brunch and dinner.

If you are traveling with children 0-3 years old there’s no charge; kids 3-9 years old are charged 50%.

Saturday afternoon 5 Oct – Sunday morning 13 Oct 2019 Check in: 3 pm Friday 5 Oct.
Check out: 12.00 noon Sunday 13 Oct.

What to bring:

The retreat is equipped with yoga mats just in case you don’t want to carry yours. For sure you will need a towel for adjustments and is recommended to bring a cotton mat in case you have one.


About Barbara Macias:

I was born in México City, and in 2006 I started exploring different styles of Hatha Yoga, especially Iyengar Yoga. I was fortunate to personally study with Dona Holleman, visiting her in 2007. My interest and curiosity in the practice led me to Mysore, India in 2008, where I was able to further deepen my practice at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Institute. Since

then, I’ve kept visiting this magical country in search of new inspirations and experiences. Eventually, moving to Berlin gave me the great opportunity to start teaching at the Yoga school Berlin in 2010.

I’m a dedicated student and as a teacher truly committed to transmitting more than a physical experience of Yoga. My intention is to share and honestly teach an authentic Yoga method which may further establish the existing but forgotten relationship to your inner self, guiding you to accept & observe the subtle transformation of life.
I feel gratitude for inspiring teachers such as Rolf Naujokat, Emil Wendel, Matthew Vollmer and Carla Vollmer.

For more information about Barbara visit:

For registration and information please contact Barbara at mysoreyogaschoolberlin@gmail.com