30 June – 12 July 2020, Embodied Flow™ Advanced Module – Body Teacher Training with Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons

About This Project

Embodied Flow™ Advanced Module- Body Teacher Training  with Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons

100-Hours of 300-Hours of Advanced Level Yoga Teacher Training

Module # 1: Body
100-hour Advanced Level Training
June 30th – July 12th, 2020

Advanced Level Embodied Flow™ Track.
Prerequisite: A previous 200-hour RYT Teacher Training.
Embodied Flow™ Foundations is highly recommended.

Take your practice or teaching to the next level. This “Body” Module is part of our 300-hour advanced level program designed to guide students through a deep and expansive journey of the body-mind as a means to experience the path of yoga. The Embodied Flow advanced level yoga teacher training offers a laboratory of asana, psychology, science, research, experiential anatomy, self-contemplation, advanced teaching skills, embodied movement practices, philosophy, and voice work.

The Body Module explores yoga asana through the direct experience of our own body systems, tissues, and cells. Students will deepen their knowledge of the body and consciousness, emerging as a more precise and confident practitioner or teacher. Students will receive 100 hours credit towards their 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Certification.



This 100-hour “Body” Module focuses on discovering the total sense of embodiment from the Embodied Flow perspective into the living art of yoga. Using the lens of asana and movement meditation, the Body Module concentrates on foundational material for integrated movement. This immersion utilizes experiential anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology as a platform for effortless and empowered asana.

Human beings can be defined as clusters of consciousness, organized into various densities, frequencies, functions, and sensations. Anatomist Gill Hedley coined the term somanaut to describe those who explore the interior framework of their being. As you experience this module of the Embodied Flow advanced level yoga training, the following subjects taught provide a framework that will allow you to dive ever deeper into the exploration of Self:

-Explore the five foundational Principles of Embodied Flow
-Introduction of experiential philosophy (the practice of weaving philosophy into an embodied journey)
-Discover various systems of the body from a Body-Mind Centering™ perspective
-Learn functional biomechanics that allow your students to align from the inside out and the outside in
-Explore moving from different points of initiation that allow a greater ease and effortlessness in asana and movement
-Examine ways of working with students in their wholeness so as to support their process in an inclusive and empowered way
-Introduction to the Embodied Flow method of sequencing classes
-Pranayama and meditation practices
-Expressing unconscious and conscious aspects of self through movement meditations
-Foundational components of manual therapy and bodywork
-Tantric philosophy and its relationship to Embodied Flow

Each of our three Advanced Yoga Modules (300 hours total / RYT 500 Standard) count for 100 credit hours towards the Embodied Flow School of Yoga 300-hour Advanced Training. These modules are also open to advanced yoga practitioners for credit with Continuing Education Units (CEU). These Advanced Yoga Modules can be taken by section or all together. Students who take part in all three training modules will receive the 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Embodied Flow which allows for your registration as a certified yoga teacher with the internationally acknowledged Yoga Alliance.


Daily Schedule

Note: The last training day (July 28th) is a full day, please schedule your flight accordingly. The daily schedule will be subject to change based on the day and the needs of the students. Note- this training includes meals. Please note any dietary restrictions on your application.

7:00 – 8:15 am Pranayama, Kriya, meditation, contemplation
8:15 – 8:30 am Break
8:30 – 10:30 am Practice
10:30 am – 12 pm Brunch
12:00 – 3 pm Lecture/Lab
3:00 – 4:00 pm Break
4:00 – 6:30 pm Lab
7:00 pm Dinner



Okreblue Retreat Center in Paros, Greece

Okreblue is located at Filízi beach, with sand dunes, aged cedar forests, “secret” coves and clear waters next to the long sandy beach of Santa Maria.

The owners of Okreblue have created an intimate home for our training, free from distraction, with simple, comfortable rooms, delicious organic meals, and a spacious yoga shala.

The training includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals are vegan and vegetarian. Please indicate on your application any dietary restrictions or food allergies. All meals are served at Coretta Cafe, prepared by head chef Angelo. Most ingredients come directly from Okreblue’s gardens.




EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTED RATE- Must be paid in full by April 7, 2020

Tuition + Meals + Shared Room at Okreblue (12 nights accommodations) – $3350 USD per person

Tuition + Meals + Single Room at Okreblue (12 nights accommodations) – $3850 USD

Tuition + Meals (student will book their own accommodations)- $3000 USD

STANDARD RATE- Must be paid in full by May 25, 2020

Tuition + Meals + Shared Room at Okreblue (12 nights accommodations) – $3550 USD per person

Tuition + Meals + Single Room at Okreblue (12 nights accommodations) – $4050 USD

Tuition + Meals (student will book their own accommodations)- $3200 USD

$1000 USD Deposit is due upon acceptance of the application.

Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable, and are part of the overall tuition.
For the standard rate, the full payment is due 6 weeks prior to the training commencement (see date above). After this date, full payment for new registration is due immediately.


When booking a shared room while traveling alone, we will do our best to pair you with another same-sex participant that is traveling solo too. In case this is not possible, you will be required to upgrade to a single room. People are coupled based on the order in which bookings come in. So when you book early, there is a high chance that you can share the room with another participant.

Important Logistics

  • The first training day, June 30th, starts with an opening circle at 2 pm.

  • The last training day, July 11th is a full day ending at 6:30 pm, please schedule your flight accordingly.

  • If you stay onsite, check-in is June 30th and check-out July 12th.

  • This training includes meals. Please note any dietary restrictions on your application

For more information, please visit https://www.embodiedflow.com/events/2019/body-module-n7gm2 / or contact info@embodiedflow.com