21-28 September 2019 – Revive yoga retreat with Tracey Noseworthy

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Take a journey with Tracey at the beautiful OkreBlue Retreat Center on the Greek island of Paros, located right next to a stunning beach. In this retreat she calls ‘Revive’, she will help you access your truest nature, a feeling that has no attachment. THIS is where magic happens – the energy, the prana, the breath and something indescribable… something we do not know yet. How do we trust enough in simply being, rather than doing? How do we allow ourselves to simply feel instead of thinking?

Unearth these mysteries by exploring the energy that you carry with you every day. Bring awareness to the obstacles that you create so that you can chisel them away and let them go. What remains is crystal clear waters, restoration, relaxation and bliss. We will practice twice daily in an outdoor shala right beside the beautiful, quiet beach of Flilizi, mixing devotional movement with meditation and pranayama. Join Tracey to feel transformed and refreshed.


For information and registration please visit https://www.doyogawithme.com/content/revive-yoga-retreat