2-9 May 2020, Kundalini Yoga & Creativity Retreat with Franziska Kessler

About This Project

Awaken and strengthen your creativity in this 7-day retreat on Paros, the magical Cyclade Island of Light.


Practice Kundalini Yoga with Swiss yoga teacher Franziska Kessler – the Yoga of Awareness, meditate at spiritual spots, chant mantras and tap into your intuition and creative power in workshops.

Spend your free time relaxing, bathing in the turquoise blue sea, strolling along the beach or taking a massage. Particularly recommended is an afternoon trip to Parikia, Lefkes, Aliki, Antiparos or Naoussa, the nearest town whose fishing port is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is the source of the universal life force (prana) that slumbers in each of us at the root of the spine like a coiled snake.

Kundalini Yoga, also called the Yoga of Awareness, is a deeply transformational method of energy work that works through the body, mind and soul. This form of yoga has been taught in Tibet and India for many thousands of years. In the West, it has been spread by the Sikh Yoga master Yogi Bhajan since the end of the 1960s.

Kundalini Yoga consists of physical excercises performed in specific sequences, breath work, meditations and mantra chanting. The techniques are simple and can be enjoyed be everyone, no matter his or her age or physical ability.
Kundalini Yoga is not only very effective on a physical level, it also strengthens our inner power, concentration, stamina and creativity. At a higher level, this yoga is also about realizing our highest potential and expanding our consciousness so that we are fully in contact with ourselves and everything that surrounds us. This way, our hearts can open.

“Kundalini Yoga is a method of becoming nothing so that everything can flow through you. That’s all”.

Yogi Bhajan



The teacher


Franziska Kessler teaches regular yoga classes and international workshops. She is a trained Kundalini teacher Level 1 & 2 by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Gurushabd Singh Khalsa. She also holds her Reiki Master degree since many years.

Her classes and techniques are about yoga, art and design – they are experiments with creativity. Her focus in teaching is on finding form, a program with a holistic approach to develop and promote your creative power.

In addition to her commitment to yoga, Franziska is a global expert for creative design consultancy. She supports various social projects in India and Switzerland.

To find out more please also visit her website www.franziskakessler.com



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For all questions and to book please contact Valérie Lutz: valerie@yoga-to-go.ch


This program suits both beginners and advanced practitioners of all traditions and ages.

Franziska teaches in German and English.



We are looking forward to welcoming you to a week of yoga, creativity and inspiration at Okreblue!