17-23 October 2019 – 7-Day Pike Camp with Catherine Allen

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Strengthen your arm balance and piking practice in this 7-Day Piking Camp at Okreblue Seaside Retreat Center in Greece, taught by Heidi Sormaz and Catherine Allen. Since we spend the majority of our time standing on our feet or sitting on our butts, arm balancing and piking are difficult feats for a lot of us. Heidi and Cat will take you through smart yoga practices and techniques and meditations that prepare you for piking. You will receive personal guidance and skillful partner spotting to help you establish the focus and connections for piking. Each day will intentionally build upon the skills you learned in the previous day. This continuous learning will bring your practice (and your butt) to new heights. You will leave this retreat knowing how to lift your ass if nothing else!

Why Pike?

Bottomline is – It’s fun! Piking is difficult and strange, but that makes it all the more fun when you rise above the difficulty of it and ask yourself What Part of This Can I Do? It raises endorphins. It gives you opportunities to problem-solve, celebrate your wins, and expand your limited beliefs. Piking isn’t the only way to reap these benefits in your life, but the journey to piking is a way! And it’s definitely an exciting way.

Why a Retreat?

You may wonder…why a retreat and not a traditional series of workshops at a yoga studio? The retreat setting is absolutely key to helping you pike. Here are the main reasons for having this training at a retreat:

  1. Relaxation: You will learn how relaxation is essential for piking. Excess tension in your muscles and connective tissue and restricted breathing weigh you down and make it harder to use your core muscles to lift your butt in piking.
  2. Nutrition: You will be fed nutrient-dense food. The quality of your nutrition greatly influences your stress and strength levels. The professionally prepared meals will reduce your stress and boost your strength. Okreblue grows and harvests much of the organic food you will be eating.
  3. Community Energy: The bright web of energy that will be created by the people around you will help boost and brighten your own energy. Pleasure and positivity are the energies that literally lighten you and help lift your ass.
  4. Focus: For 7 glorious days, you get a chance to put down old habits and energies that drag you down. You will practice quality focus and commitment to yourself and your piking practice without the usual life distractions. You will return to your normal life feeling recharged and seeing with new perspective.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for ANYONE who wants to learn how to pike or arm balance. You don’t need to have an arm balance practice, and you definitely don’t need to have a piking practice. We suggest that you know how to do Dolphin with hands clasped in order to participate in the piking exercises. (Dolphin is like Downward Facing Dog, except the forearms are on the floor.)

What is a typical day like in this retreat?

A tentative schedule will be published. But here is a summary of what a typical day would be like:

  • Wake up to a light and nutritious breakfast.
  • Led Morning Meditation Session. Meditation practice is essential for piking. It builds focus and helps you ally with your mind and the rest of your body.
  • Yoga Intensive, taught by Heidi and Cat, that will focus on building intelligence and connections for specific aspects of piking.
  • Yummy vegan or vegetarian buffet lunch, laughter with friends, and get some fresh air around Paros.
  • Afternoon Lecture and Q&A on topics specifically related to piking. There will be one day where the afternoon will be dedicated to beach time or whatever you’d like to do!
  • Evening Yin Yoga Session. Yin Yoga is excellent for helping you to release excess tension that inhibits piking.
  • …followed by Led Yoga Nidra Meditation.
  • Float off to a delicious vegan or vegetarian home-cooked dinner freshly prepared and served on-site.
  • Star-gaze before bedtime.

Check-in starts 15:00 on October 17. The training will start at 4:45pm on October 17.
Retreat will end at 12:00 on October 23 with lunch at 12:00-1:00 that day. (Check out is 12:00).

Paros is the most beautiful getaway!

For accommodations, you will stay in one of Okreblue’s beautiful rooms – single, double, or triple (one bed per person). Each room or studio has its own private bathroom.


For more information and registration please visit http://catallen.yoga/event/7-day-pike-camp/