17-23 August 2020 – 5 Elements, Yoga & Ayurveda retreat with Sasy Chasomeri

About This Project

5 Elements Yoga & Ayurveda retreat

Asana Pranayama Meditation Exploration
Traditional Practices for modern life with Sasy Chasomeri



17-23 August 2020



We are so many versions of ourselves and only when we let go of our need to be strictly defined by the boundaries and ideas of who we think we are or must be, are we the true expression of ourselves.
Every element of nature exists within us, we are made of all this earth and water, the fire and air, the ether that includes all of it together, and the moment we allow ourselves to explore this very nature of our own true being,transformation begins. 
At the unique setting of Okreblue Seaside Retreat during this 7 day yoga retreat, Sasy will guide you, through creative classes, influenced and guided by the Ayurvedic approach of the 5 elements and their connection to the 7 chakras. 
Each days meditation will be held in a different nature location and each asana class will be connected to a different element and chakra. Through these mindfully creative sequences and improvisational movement and techniques we will have the opportunity to explore our strengths, acknowledge our limitations and learn to move beyond them. To find the sacred point, the point of stillness where everything exist at the same time.
All within us, available at any given moment.
Join us in this retreat and find yourself in this beautiful land of light and earth and water and wind, a journey into the ether of the Greek Island of Paros.

Daily schedule

During the retreat we will have morning and evening practices which will include morning meditation at different nature locations around Okreblue, to establish a deeper connection and understanding of the elements. The meditation practices will be followed by asana classes in order to embody the elemental state of being through our perfect vehicle which we call body. All practices are accessible to both new to yoga or more experienced practitioners. 
Light snack and tea will be offered in the short break between meditation and asana class, rich brunch buffet with Okreblue’s home made delicacies right after asana. 
Lots of free time to enjoy the beaches and the island, relax at Okreblue’s beach or treat yourself with a massage during the day and many other options awaiting for you to explore. 
We meet again in the evening for the second session followed by Okreblue’s delicious and organic rich and healthy dinner. 

About Okreblue

Okreblue is located on Filizi beach, the quiet side of Santa Maria bay, a nicely hidden gem behind sand hills and indigenous trees. The ecological design of Okreblue blends with nature in a unique way allowing your body and mind to relax.
At Okreblue you will also enjoy amazingly delicious food, home cooked with love by our Indian chef Suresh. We use organic ingredients from our garden and sources from local producers around the island. A fusion between Mediteranian and Indian, our vegetarian and vegan food will satisfy and nourish you inside and out! 

What is included

Accommodation (double or single room)
Organic breakfast buffet*
Organic vegetarian dinner*
2 yoga & meditation sessions per day with Sasy




Prices 720€ per person in double/twin shared room  and 930€ in single room.

Looking forward to share these practices with you.
With love and gratitude 




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