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Tachyon Cocoon

Massage and Treatments
About This Project


Tachyon is the quantum physics term defining the natural energy of the Cosmos. Other terms describing the same are pneuma (Pythagoras), Chi or Qi (traditional Chinese medicine), Prana (ayurveda), Reiki,  Vital energy (Hanemann, founder of homeopathy), Orgone (Reich), Aether, Bioplasma, Universal Life Force etc.

In 1966 the Quantum physicist G. Feinberg defined Tachyon as the energy field beyond the speed of light (the boundary of the world which we experience with our senses). Tachyon is the primary expression of energy of the source (All that Is) – the bridge between the material world and the formless/infinite. This energy field exists everywhere in nature. Tachyon has no color, sound or vibration and yet it is the source of all frequencies. Another property of Tachyon is that it brings order out of chaos.

In 1990 the American scientist D. Wagner invented a special apparatus as he was seeking for a solution to a severe personal health issue. This machine reconstructs natural materials on a sub molecular level and turns them into permanent energy antennae. These materials focus and enhance Tachyon, the natural energy of the Source, and at the same time they augment the body’s natural ability for self healing and conscious evolvement. Dr D. Wagner collaborated with Gabriel Cousens, a world accredited medical authority, who added his experience and knowledge. The outcome of this collaboration are the Advanced Tachyon Technologies (ATT) and the Tachyon healing system Today it is applied by holistic therapists, doctors and health practitioners in more than 156 countries around the globe. Furthermore, it is part of the courses at the UISCA (University of Integrated Sciences of California).

Cocoon is one of the tools/ applications of of Advanced Tachyon U.S.A healing system.

The Cocoon strengthens and focuses the bio-field which is all over in the nature towards our body in a similar way of a lens gathering and focusing the sunlight into a strong beam.

Given this chance, our body selects the frequencies needed at that certain moment in order to restore its balance.

Tachyon Cocoon creates an energy field that surrounds us and supports us to relax, detox, and charge our batteries. Additionally promotes anti-ageing, balance and therapy in all levels.



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