9-13 July 2018 - GYROKINESIS® Essentials with Miriam Fredrich Honorio - Okreblue
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9-13 July 2018 – GYROKINESIS® Essentials with Miriam Fredrich Honorio

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About This Project

A Journey of Spinal Motions Towards Level 1.

This course offers a systematic approach to the standard level 1 material, presented as 3 different class formats. All class formats can be used independent or subsequently from program 1 to program 3. Each class format is developed for a 60 to 90 minutes class. In Part 1 of the Gyrokinesis Essentials the following class formats are presented:


Program 1: Decompression of the lumbar Spine

Program 2: Decompression of the thoracic spine

Program 3: Decompression of the cervical spine


Each program can be considered as a progression towards Level 1.

All programs of the Gyrokinesis Essentials are mainly done on a chair and standing.

The layering of all three formats provides you with a very clear approach to build-up a class and focuses on the GYROKINESIS® principles. One has extensive time to feel out and understand the principles of the system. As a trainer or teacher trainer, you might be surprised how profound the formats are.  All three formats offer a comprehensive training for those of your clients that don’t want to go down to the mat.
As regeneration is a big aspect of the training, the course provides you with some brief extra information about the vagus nerve and the CNS.

Put yourself in the beginner’s body and mind and enjoy three days of gentle and intense training.