6-13 May 2017 Yin & Yang Yoga Spring Healing Retreat with Sammy Adams - Okreblue
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6-13 May 2017 Yin & Yang Yoga Spring Healing Retreat with Sammy Adams

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“The movement of yin and yang is the source of all things in nature.”
[The movement of yin and yang arouses nature] [Meh Jiuzhang & Guo Lei]

Sammy is looking forward to spending this retreat week together with you in a very special and sun-filled place!

In contrast to the winter, which serves – rather coolly – to restore the energy reserves and is associated with Yin energy, spring is the time of awakening. It is the time to set new intentions and see the seed. It is the fresh Yang energy.

In these seven days, Sammy will teach you the yin yoga practice and a small theoretical part, an introduction to the basics of yin yoga. It is a passive practice of letting and observing. It is meant to give you more understanding about the architecture of the bone structure, extensibility and proportions of your body, and that it is quite natural to have limits.

In addition, Sammy Yang will teach yoga, an active practice, so that you can fully unfold the full intensity of the recurring lunar cycles, your self-healing, and the freshness of awakening.

We practice in the wild, surrounded by the purifying and healing power of elemental water. The Okreblue Retreat Yoga Centre offers a relaxed atmosphere with sea views and an all-round supply of healthy, fresh and lovingly prepared food.

Completed with a Sammy selected composition of your Yin & Yang Yoga Spring Healing practice, the soothing and healthy food, the Okreblue offers the healing power of touching with special techniques and the ancient healing art of traditional Thai yoga and Ayurveda massages.

In this special retreat of the Spring and Moon phases, suitable for both beginners and advanced, your self-healing power is to be activated and sustained for your physical, energetic and spiritual body. Sammy will guide you gently through these days. Your body will be in balance, your thoughts will be pure, and your energy will flow freely.


For more information please visit http://yogadelight.de/workshops-und-retreats/yin-yang-yoga-spring-healing-retreat-6-13.05.17-okreblue-retreat-center-par

  • The course will be held in German.