3-8 July 2017, Biodanza Summer retreat with Alvaro Ferreira, Rachely Turtz, Yvonne Koppes and Frid Langsrud - Okreblue
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3-8 July 2017, Biodanza Summer retreat with Alvaro Ferreira, Rachely Turtz, Yvonne Koppes and Frid Langsrud

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Feel the pleasure of summer

Biodanza for adults, children (from 4 years) and families

Welcome to enjoy the beautiful sea at Paros, and to dive in all the possibilities that diversity brings us.

About the retreat

We are a group of facilitators from different countries, and with different backgrounds, all inspired by the beauty of diversity, and the diversity of beauty.
We come from Portugal, Israel, Norway and Holland.
We’ve united our own diversities to create an unifying “mandala” of vivenzias in our proposals.
Our goal is to make it possible for you to feel the pleasures of the summer, from the enjoyment of a wonderful beach, an intense blue sky, and a warm sun.
At the same time, our aim is to create marvellous Biodanza vivenzias, for you to embrace an adventurous, delicious, archetypical, touching, powerful, sweet, refreshing, mystical, sensual journey…
…through your own personal diversity in connection with the human and natural diversity around you.
We will dance and live on an island. And the islands are wonderful metaphors to illustrate the paradox of unity in diversity.
The islands are isolated from each other, separated by the ocean water, and each one with its own identity and characteristics.
But at a deeper level, all the different islands share the same common ground, at the ocean depths.
They are all different but they all come from the same basis, from the same foundations.
And we can celebrate and appreciate the uniqueness of each one of the islands, but we can also dive into the depths that allow us to feel and touch the totality from where they arise.
Human beings are also like that. All life is like that. All existence is like that.
That’s the paradox: We are all diverse and we are all the same, at a deeper level.
We can all be celebrated for our unique existence and expression, but we can dive into the powerful and transforming vivenzia of the unity that lays underneath of all forms of life and all forms of cosmic manifestation.
Come to dive with us, into this wonderful sea of life and beauty…
For more information please visit http://www.biodanza-summer-retreat.com/