25 June - 1 July 2017 Gathering of Light with Sianna Sherman, Zeyneb Uras, Masood Ali Khan & Konstantinos Charantiniotis - Okreblue
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25 June – 1 July 2017 Gathering of Light with Sianna Sherman, Zeyneb Uras, Masood Ali Khan & Konstantinos Charantiniotis

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With Sianna Sherman, Zeyneb Uras, Masood Ali Khan & Konstantinos Charantiniotis

Gathering of Light


For third year in a row we gather to offer this exceptional Yoga retreat in Paros island. This retreat became a custom for us at Cihangir Yoga in Turkey and Bhāvanā Yoga in Greece and we are proud and happy to be able to bring together a worldwide community to share what we love.


This year, Zeyneb Uras and Konstantinos Charantiniotis come together with Sianna Sherman and Masood Ali Khan to offer you a transformational retreat!


Your 6-day yoga retreat takes place on the beautiful Cycladic Island of Paros, at the stunning Okreblue Hotel during the longest days of the year.


At this magical place, under the bright light, you will unfurl your heart rays in the Sun & Sea, practice yoga, chant mantras, soak in the life force energy and rejuvenate in the magic of the Greek Islands. We gather as yogis in the days of summer to celebrate the power of light. As we magnify our own light, we supercharge the light in our communities and families. Daily rhythm includes but is not limited to: yoga, meditation, pranayama, chanting, dancing, live music, laughing, swimming in the sea, soaking in the sun, eating the most outrageously delicious Greek food, sleeping sweetly, bonding with beautiful beings, star-gazing, cat-napping and spontaneous adventures of immense JOY!


These six days offer a chance to connect with an international community of beautiful yoginis & yogis, along with four inspiring teachers. If you want to enchant your soul, delight your senses and invoke the heart of yoga in the whole of your life, just … Come!

Come as one, Come as family, Come with friends, Come with your lover, Come whatever age you are and come whatever degree of yoga you may be… all styles, all people, all welcome!



Sianna Sherman : shiannasherman.com

Sianna Sherman is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, community activator, evocative storyteller and a passionate speaker at festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®, creator of the Goddess Yoga Project in partnership with Yoga Journal, and co-founder of Urban Priestess – a platform that serves the empowerment of women. As a globetrotting yogini, she offers high vibration gatherings, teacher trainings, workshops, sacred site retreats, and pilgrimages wherever she goes. Sianna is an innovative, visionary spirit with a deep devotion to Soul Alchemy. Her life mission is to Ignite Magic!



Zeyneb Uras : cihangiryoga.com

Teacher, Partner, and Manager at Cihangir Yoga in Turkey, Zeyneb first began yoga in Los Angeles in 1996. Since then, she has become one of the most influential yoginis, serving the Istanbul community with a loving light and nurturing soul. Zeyneb’s ability to inspire deep connection within herself and others is at the heart of her teaching, uniting yoga lovers from around the world.



Konstantinos Charantiniotis : konstantinosc.com

Konstantinos is the founder of Bhāvanā Yoga. He has spend over 25 years studying, practicing and teaching Yoga. His diverse studies on human potential include classic studies on physical education, Ayurveda, psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy. In his teaching incorporates philosophy and personal  development techniques giving the students the opportunity to develop an internal awareness that can truly transform their lives to the best.  He lives in Athens, Greece working as a Wellness and Life coach. He is also traveling and teaching internationally and through his work aims to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest.



Masood Ali Khan : masoodalikhan.com

Masood Ali Khan is a percussionist, composer, meditation instructor, energy healer, actor, model and founder of ‘Connection to Creation’. He holds a PhD in Universal Energy Healing from the Open International University for Complementary Medicine in Sri Lanka where he also studied acupuncture. Born in London into Indian/Muslim heritage, Masood is an eclectic musician creating a mesmerizing soundscape with the enchanting ‘Hang’ drum (pronounced “hung”) fused with sacred mantras. He explores a merging of cultures with storytelling compositions and captivating melodies for spiritual inspiration.

In 1986, Masood was pursuing a degree in pharmacy but was pulled into the world as a top international fashion model for an incredible 30 years. The trials of this lifestyle were physically, mentally and spiritually challenging. He soon welcomed life-changing events that initiated him into spiritual practices and transformed his life. This sustained him through the craziness of the fashion and music industries where he became a guide to help others access their own innate healing abilities. Today, as a teacher of meditation, Masood reaches a wide audience of models, actors, artists, musicians, yogis and people from all walks of life.



For information and registration please visit http://bhavanayoga.com/en/events/224/gathering-of-light-june-25-july-1-2017gathering-of-light-june-25-july-1-2017/