2-8 September 2018, Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat with Sammy Adams - Okreblue
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2-8 September 2018, Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat with Sammy Adams

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About This Project

My dear Yoga lover’s,
Welcome to my second Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat in Paros/ Greece at Okreblue Seaside Retreat Center!
We will enjoy a Yoga practice at Okreblue Seaside Yoga Retreat Center which is located at Filizi beach, the quiet side of Santa Maria bay. The Retreat Center is situated amongst cedar trees and lovely thyme aromas and is just a stones throw from the sandy beach. Feeling the rays of the sun on our skin. Great and beautiful people. Ayurvedic massages.
The Menu during the Yoga Retreat includes two Meals a day.
The Retreat Center is extremely proud to present our Caretta Healthy Restaurant & Café, serving breakfast, light meals and drinks in a wonderful chill out atmosphere.
Shaped as a caretta turtle, the restaurant is located right across Okreblue’s main building.
Suresh, is their Indian chef and is cooking healthy fusion Mediterranean Indian cuisine using organic ingredients, the majority of which are picked fresh daily from Okreblue’s organic garden.
Vegan or vegeterian, healthy and with love made food.
Caretta’s famous rich breakfast, salads, cold plates, smoothies with super foods, raw vegetarian & vegan sweet delights, herbal teas and more (additional charge may be possible).
The Retreat Center is a communal space of Okreblue Eco Retreat Center, where you can relax, meet up with your group, listen to lounge music, read a book and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of the center.
Our Yoga Practice.
Offering the beauty of “Mandala Flow of Elements” (Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga).
We will call the mandala of elements through the active and passive practice, the love and balance of Yin & Yang.

The fire belongs to the season of summer were the rays of the sun are strongest and hottest and Earth absorbs most of the solar energy at this time and so does our body.Calling Earth Element:

Feeling grounded, feeling your lower body and getting connected to earth and nature.
– Calling the Water Element:
Feeling your own liquid nature, your natural flow of breath and natural flow in your life.
– Calling out for the Fire Element:
Feeling focued and moving with clear intensions. Feeling strong, lifting your self-esteem and connecting to your core fire.
– Calling the Element of Air:
Feeling the wind circuling through your body. Feeling the freedom of inhaling and exhaling out of your body, your heart. Opening and arising to the sensations and emotions in your heart region.
–  Calling the Space Element:
Listening to the moving of sound, the sound moving through you and releasing the sound through spontaneous flow and chanting in your Yoga poses.


I am very excited to meet you, relax, breath & pause with you.
I am exited to work with you through the love and balance of the Yin & Yang Yoga practice.
„The light has shown in the sky.
Waking up in the morning.
I see bevor my very eyes compassion flooding down.“ Baul Song
Registration and costs:
Yoga teacher:
 Sammy-Yoga
 Samantha Adams
 Reg. Nurse
 YA Experienced Yogateacher E-RYT 200 & YACEP (YA Continuing Education Provider) American Yoga Alliance
 Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Trigger Point Therapist and Flying Body Work
 info@sammy-yoga.de
 65929 Frankfurt am Main
Yoga Practice:
 11-12 Yin and Yang Yoga classes, two classes a day in the morming ant late afternoon.
 Teaching will be in english and german.
Yoga Retreat costs with Sammy-Yoga
 Early Bird: until 15th March 400 Euro (non refundeble deposit of 200 Euro to safe your spot)
 Normal Price: 450 Euro (non refundeble deposit of 200 Euro to safe your spot)
–  stay with Okreblue Seaside Retreat Center:
Please contact:
Prices for occomodations:
 Price in single room 600€ (100€ per day)
 Price per person in double room 450€ (75€ per day)
 Price per person in triple room 420€ (70€ per day)
 Meals: Half Board (Brunch & Dinner)

Flight connections to Paros/ Grecce:
– Okrebblue Seaside Retreat Center is honored to help with your travel informations.
– Mostly, there is a overnight stay in Athens nessecery due to the connect flights or ferry to Paros (as I will be doing).
Remarks From Okreblue Seaside Retreat Center:
– Taxes are included in the above prices of your room accomodations.
– For kids 0-3 years old there’s no charge; kids 4-9 years old are charged 50%.
– All rooms are non-smoking.
– Each room/studio has its own private bathroom.
– Located on the beach.
– Every day maid service.
– Towels and sheets are to be changed every 3 and 4 dayaccordingly.


Meals at Okreblue:
– All participants are having the same meal arrangement. NO EXCEPTIONS)
–  Regarding any special dietary requirements, we offer vegan, gluten free and dairy free meals. If you are in any specific diet make sure to let us know in advance.
–  All of the meals are offered at our restaurant “Caretta” located in the premises of Okreblue.
–  All meals are vegan/vegetarian (No meat, no fish).